I’ve been so blessed throughout my crafty journey to come in contact with a lot of insanely talented crafters. Charity Becker is among those that I consider in the crafty genius category. The girl thinks outside of the box like none other, and loves to share her ideas as well.

Imagine my delight when Charity came to me with this ingenious tutorial featuring the Shapes 2 Designer Template to create this darling advent box.

Dying to know how to make it?

No worries! Charity has been so kind as to treat us with a step by step tutorial.

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Advent Box Tutorial


  • 2 12×12 sheets heavy cardstock
  • strong adhesive
  • scissors
  • scorer
  • Kiwi Lane Designs Template: Shapes 2T (small hexagon)

The process of tracing, cutting, folding, and adhering this box is quite intricate. Make a sample box to ensure you fully understand the process before making your final product. This will hopefully cut down on the pencil and ink markings on the inside of your project.

Bottom of Box

Step 1:Beginning at the center of a sheet of cardstock, trace 2T. Then trace 2T on each side of the center hexagon so that 7 adjoining hexagons result.

Step 2:Using 2T trace another set of adjoining hexagons around the existing 7. These are your cutting lines so trace in an alternate color.

Step 3: Number the adjoining edges of the outside set of hexagons from 1-12. Label the edge to the right of the numbered edges with a letter “a”. Highlight the numbered edge of each hexagon as well as the “a” edges on numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11.

Step 4: On hexagons 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 label each edge opposite from the “a” with a “b”. Draw straight lines connecting the corners of edge “a” with edge “b”. If you use a lead pencil press hard so as to score the paper in preperation for folding.

Step 5: On the odd numbered hexagons label the edge to the left of the number with a “d” and the edge to the right of the letter “a” with a “c”. Draw straight lines connecting the corners of edge “c” with edge “d”. Use a pencil and press hard to score the paper.

Step 6: Cut out the perimeter of the hexagons.
Step 7: Cut out the triangle containing the even numbers.
Step 8: Cut all remainig highlighted edges.

Step 9: Score each “outside” hexagon at the edge where it attaches to the central 7 hexagons. Fold each hexagon up and fold the scored flaps in towards the center of each hexagon. Join the hexagons in pairs, applying adhesive on the adjoining flap. This process will leave 6 “holes” in the side of the hexagon box.

Step 10: Cut 6 rectangles from identical patterned cardstock that measure 1 3/8 inches by 2 5/8 inches. Score each rectangle at 2 3/8 inches. Fold  small flap toward the center of the rectangle.

Step 11: Adhere the small flap of the rectangle to the bottom of the box and then adhere the flaps of the adjoining hexagons to the rectangle. When lining up the edges, let the right edge of the rectangle overhang the adjoining hexagon by 1/16 of an inch. Trim off excess cardstock so the sides look flush. This process will make the top edge of the box just a slight bit smaller so that the lid will fit smoothly.

Lid of Box

Step 1:Beginning at the center of a sheet of cardstock, trace 2T. Then trace 2T on each side of the center hexagon so that 7 adjoining hexagons result.

Step 2: Add a 1/4 inch border to the perimeter of the existing hexagons. This does not need to be exact, just enough of a flap for adhesive to hold the base to the sides.
Step 3: Cut out resulting shape. Fold border up.
Step 4: Cut 3 strips of cardstock, 1 inch in width with a combined total of 27 inches. Score these strip every 1 3/8 inches. Leave a 1/2 inch flap at the end of each strip for overlap.
Step 5: Adhere the scored strips to the base of the lid by placing adhesive on the 1/4 inch border. Line up the long edge of the strips and the base of the lid so that they are flush. When overlapping the individual scored strips make the joints exact so that the lid will fit over the bottom of the box.

As you can see, this is only the instructions for the larger of the stacking boxes. Because of the length and intricacy of the instructions for this advent box I spread them out across three blogs. You will find the instructions for the smaller stacked box here on the Practical Scrappers blog, and the instructions for the individual hexagon boxes and the roses on my blog.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this project. It was LOADS of fun to design. I’d love it if you’d link your project to my blog when you’ve finished!!!


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I’m telling ya! Genius!

Thank you Charity for sharing your absolutely incredible design with us today.

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