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Happy February everyone! It’s kind of exciting that the 1st of the month happens to fall on our Blog Hop day. It’s kind of like our own party to welcome the month of February.

First things first before you all go off hopping for your chance to replenish the creative mojo-jojo annnnd have a chance to win a $25.00 gift code to the Kiwi Lane shop, let me introduce you to this month’s sponsor here at Kiwi Lane—We R Memory Keepers!

Oh how I looooove the goodness that WRMK keeps pumping out year after year, so this month it’s a true joy to be featuring the Crazy for You collection—a perfect  match for the month of love.

wearememory copy

A new month also means new templates that we are featuring. This month gear up for oodles of inspiration with Clara Lane, Sweetheart, Tiny Accessories and Tiny Sweetheart—all of which are 10% off in the Kiwi Lane Shop—All. Month. Long!

feb final

So now that we have the introductions and business out of the way let’s get this par—tay started! Woop! Woop! (Oh sheesh. My girls would disown me if they knew I just wooped! Maybe I’m even a little embarrassed myself but sheesh—it’s a BLOG HOP!!!)

So first things first. Here are some sneaky peeks to get you girls itching to hop along to the 12 different stops.

If you want to cash in on your chance to win a $25 gift code to the Kiwi Lane shop, follow these super simple directions:

1. Grab your favorite beverage of choice and get comfy.

2. Click on each of the following blogs, absorbing inspiration like the finest of sponges.

3. Be sure to leave a comment at each post along the way for your chance to be a random winner. That includes this blog too!

4. You have until 11:59 pm MST on Sunday, February 3rd to leave your comment. The winner will be announced on the blog next Wednesday along with this weeks DT Doodle winner.

Easy enough, right? Yup. I thought so.


  1.  Kiwi Lane—You are HERE! Leave a comment!
  2.  Cathryn Hanson—Scrapbooking by Cathryn
  3. Staci Jones—Scrapbooking Is Cheaper Than Therapy
  4. Rebecca Keppel—My Cluttered Corner
  5. Melissa Dehne—A Bit of Scrappy Goodness
  6. Jessica Arrant—Errant Scraps
  7. Charissa Miller—Akhi’s Momma Scraps!
  8. Sherri Thompson—Share Croppers
  9. Kristy Mackeen—Mama’s Sanity
  10. Sherri Funk—Growing up in: Faith, Love & Scrappyness
  11. Roselyn Riley—Pretty Little Packages
  12. Lisa Anderson—Scrapping Obsessions
  13. Leslie Prinkki—Scraps of Mine

Go! Hop! Have fun! Be inspired! Make sure you leave a comment.


  • Linda L.

    I can’t wait to use my sets. I just have tto clean off the table lol!

  • Amanda Webster

    Can’t wait to see what the other sites have in store. See you guys at the Scrapbook Expo in Grapevine!

  • Susan

    This is great kiwi lane has made scrapping so much more fun and easy

  • Nina Adams

    Looking forward to getting some inspiration from this blog hop. Just purchased some templates and the idea book…now I need to get inspired!!

  • Robyn

    How cool. I’ve never done a blog hop before. Can’t wait to see all the blogs using KLDT.

  • wendy

    Love Kiwi Lane!

  • Melanie C.

    Just discovered you guys at the OC Scrapbook Expo. Already made a page with my new templates. Hope I win – I need more templates!!

  • Judy

    Love these templets they are so easy to you thanks.

  • Beth H.

    Enjoyed hopping with u…my first ever. Huge fan of KLD. Makes scrapping easier and my layouts are much more creative. Thanks KLD!

  • Julie M.

    This was a wonderful hop. I gained so much inspiration from each of the blogs. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Sandi B.

    This was my first blog hop with Kiwi Lane. I have only seen these at a CKC convention once and this hop has really helped to educate me and how wonderful they are to work with. Thanks for a wonderful hop and the chance to win.

  • Amy Williams

    Time to get hoppin’! Here’s hoping my munchkins give me a chance to get through the whole thing in one sitting!

  • Staci Jones

    I am so impressed with everyone’s projects! They are all so inspiring! Thanks Kristy for the chance to play along! It has been so much fun!

  • Jan Cross

    Love the new templates

  • Dana

    Love your templates! Can’t wait for the inspiration of the blog hop.

  • Nadine

    Whenever I get a creative block I always know where to come to get fun and fresh ideas. Love KiwiLane

  • Kendra Hum

    Can’t wait to get going!

  • Beatrice satmary

    These are fun!

  • Lisa H.

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your templates! Can’t wait to see the following blogs!

  • Debbie

    First time blogger and pretty new to scrapbooking ! Can’t wait to get started.

  • Michelle Moore

    I’m new to Kiwi Lane and interested to find out more.

  • Charity Becker

    KLD Hop Time!!! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us! :)

  • luannsines

    Oh my Goodness! I love the American Girl store page. We live right by one and my daughter lives for them! Off to create my own:)

    • Leslie

      Thank you so much! So glad I could be of some inspiration for you! -Leslie

  • Julie Adorno

    first time doing a hop ,,,, i think im going to enjoy this

  • Michelle King

    Haven’t done a hop in a while…excited!

  • Jessica Laureano

    Love working with Kiwi Lane!

  • Sonia Smith

    Just getting started on the blog hop but I’ve been enjoying your website for a while now.

  • Kenzie Morrow Bosma

    I can’t wait to see all the fun projects!!

  • Diane Lindsey

    I am enjoying reading all the blogs. Can’t wait to go to next blog hop,

  • Stephanie U

    Thanks for the fun blog hop!

  • Cassie

    This is gonna be fun! I can’t wait to check out the other blogs.

  • Jenny

    blog hop time…yay!

  • Marisa T.

    Cant wait to see how everyone used these templates

  • Lisa w

    I’ve never tried your products before. I’m looking forward to placing my first order!

  • Diana Wolfe

    Love this hop…I am in so in need of inspiration so this hits the spot…thank you…0

  • jackie

    love love love Kiwi Lane…….hopping off to the blogs…….

  • Barb in AK

    Woooo Hooooo! Oh how I love blog hops! Especially with such great products such as Kiwi Lane and We Are Memory Keepers! Yipppeeee!

  • Lynn Ukleja

    My first blog hop too! I need some new ideas.

  • http://KiwiLane Barbara Cox

    love your product..Only have a few so far. Can’t wait to get more.

  • Karen Cydrus

    I am unable to leave a comment on the Cathryn Hanson site, makes me sad I cannot entry hop

  • Roseanna Crawford

    wow just finished the bog hop great ideas and inspiration and new blogs to follow, I’m new to Kiwi Lane and the blog hop sure helped me decide that I need the templates

  • Mandy Rogers

    This is my first blog hop!!!!! Great idea

  • jpholmes

    This is my first Blog Hop, really a great idea, thanks!

  • tamara

    kiwi lane said leave comment on all pages she had on her site in order to win a 25 dollars so i am as i told another lady i try to do my own work but stuff comes out a bit eclectic. i feel guilty about taking others design. but my sister says thats what blogs are for to give me ideas. so i just got my table up inn my scrap book room . and i well be visiting you all for ides thank you for the wonderful ideas

  • Erika McDermott

    Wow this is such a cool idea.

  • Tarah hugh

    I love kiwi lane!!!

  • Karen Cydrus

    My first blog hop, looks interesting. Whoop away, the kids can deal. Let’s get this party started

    • northwoods2

      Just finished all 13 sights, great experience. Each blog used different KLD templates and the results were stunning. Definitely worth the hop

  • westminstermoms

    Let the hopping begin!

  • billie willsey

    i was going to do your blog hop. but since I’ve never done one before whe I got to the second one and it asked to choose a profile.. not a clue as to what they were.. so guess I won’t.. thanks anyway.

  • Dawn McDowell

    Blog hops are so fun and a Kiwi lane blog hop – even better.

  • billie willlsey

    my first blog hop

  • Myriam Brown

    Got my coffee, big fat chair, and plenty of time to hop. Thanks for the great fun!

  • Cat Craig

    Looks like fun, starting now!

  • Carrie Bryant

    Great site, found you on FB. Excited about trying out some of your cool tips and tricks.

  • Jennifer Kelly

    I love all that you do! Everything is so cute!!! Excited to stop hopping around the blogs!

    • Jennifer Kelly

      I mean start hopping oops :)

  • Van Nguyen

    Ooo, I love a good blog hop and have my fingers and toes crossed to be the random winner!!!

  • cathryn seguin

    I love your blog, I love your blog hop, I love your designers, I love your templates….I am so glad I came across your website, and someday I will own some of your wonderful product…this blog hopping was sensational, what great ladies you found, thanks so much!!!

  • Bobbie Poppleton

    I’m new to blog hopping, but looking forward to an adventure—off to gather ideas and inspiration.

  • Kim Rumill

    Thanks for sharing inspiration! A weekend of scrapping is ahead!

  • colleenOM

    Love the blog hop, such great inspiration!

  • Cindy B

    Wow! So excited for this hop. Going to get started now

  • April Storie

    spending my Friday night hopping the blogs, thank you!

  • Julie

    Just bought my first templates and can’t wait to use them on a scrapbook retreat next weekend.

  • Valerie Martin

    Oh my heavens! I just finished hopping to all 12 of the designers blogs! WOW! Such amazing inspiration! Thanks for a fun hop! ;)
    Valerie Martin

  • Becky L.

    I love all the interesting details you show here. thanks

  • Cyndee K.

    Love the sneaks! Can’t wait to take a closer look.

  • NoraP

    I’m falling in love with Kiwi more EVERYDAY! First Blog Hop..Woop!

  • frommypinkroom

    this will be my first hop with kiwi…

  • Rhonda Gibbs

    Happy day! Love your templates and need more for my crafting. Thank you for sharing this hop!

  • Pat

    I find myself grabbing my kiwe templates all the time. Love them

  • Kristi Flaherty

    Love blog hopping…
    Love Kiwi Lane…
    Love winning scrapbook gear…
    Love this contest!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen D

    I so love my Kiwi’s!!! I tell everyone about them. They watch me do the first layout and then I say OK it’s your turn, LOL!!!!

  • Liz Martinez

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    I’m so happy I discovered your website. I’m not even sure how but I’m glad I did!

  • Pepper

    KiwiLane helps me enjoy all the beautiful papers I have collected and the hop it’s so full of inspiration. It makes it so easy to make beautiful pages.

  • Sandra Ogden

    can’t wait to see where this hoppin takes me….

  • Lisa Peterson

    Love all the clever details!

  • beth h

    woohoo here we go!

  • kassandra lepage missen

    such talent from so many people!! can’t wait to go scrap now!

  • Shawna

    Wow super fun. I found 2 ideas I want to use RIGHT now!

  • Emily

    Love Kiwi Lane!

    • Marion Berg Gustavson

      What a fun way to spend a winter day in February…..I don’t even care what the groundhog sees on Sunday because I will be busy trying new ideas from the blogs I’ve read today!

  • Liz

    What a great way to start February!

  • Lanette

    I just love scrapping with your designs! This was an amazing HOP!!

  • Darlene S

    woohoo! Can’t wait to see some Kiwi DT inspiration.

  • Shawna Sherwood Kunzler

    Yea, I love blog hops!

  • Donna P.

    Loved all the blogs!

  • Gail O.

    I know I’ve already left a comment, but that was before I hopped through everyone’s blogs… and can I just say WOWIE ZOWIE! There is so much talent featured on this hop! Great job and a standing ovation for everyone involved!

  • Lois

    February not only brings Valentine’s Day but it includes my 45th wedding anniversary. Can’t wait to see what lovely things Kiwi Lane blog hop brings!

  • Julie Koets

    I love blog hops! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Misty

    Hoppin’ along. Such sweet stuff to see.

  • Donna P.

    Thanks Kiwi Lane Gals for keeping inspiration flowing in the winter months. Up here in TC we have been snowed in for 4 days our of the last eight. The depth of winter I find myself longing for more sunshine. This blog hop is close to sunshine. Looking forward to some great ideas.

  • DeAnna Hawes

    Anxious to see what is in store with the blog hop!

  • Susan

    Kiwi Lane is the best and so full of inspiration.

  • Elisa

    I just discovered Kiwi Lane Designs today and can’t wait to see the projects! Also, a first time blog hopper!

  • Linda Henderson

    First time blog hopper, can’t wait for new ideas!

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    First time blog hopper! This is really cool! Woop~ there it is! And given I have a dog named MoJo…I’m in :)

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    Have to admit, this is my first time visiting the blog. And I LOVE it! So many creative ideas! Can’t believe what I’ve been missing out on, well no more! =)

  • Jodi Corry

    So excited you guys are doing blog hops. Thanks for the inspiration :) Can’t wait for the new idea book. You ladies are doing amazing things keep up the good work.

  • Gail O.

    Blog Hop- YAY!!! (Can I Woop, too?)

  • Janie N.

    I went thru the whole hop and was totally inspired!!!! I am a new user for the Kiwi Lane Designs and have had my eyes open to a lot of good ideas!!! You ladies rock!!!

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  • James

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  • Jen Collins

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  • Buffy Esser

    Hi there…I’m sorta new to all things scrappy but I found my way from Sherri’s blog and thought I would check things out! :o)

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  • http://google Christy

    That was so much fun! I’m going to go grab my templates and start scrapping! Thank you for doing this.

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    Kiwi Lane you’re the best! Love all your products and am SOO excited about getting the new Idea Book!

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    This is my first time to Blog! I saw your templates from a friend and loved them. She let me use them, so now I am hooked.

  • Rose Ann Deighan

    Goodmorning, Here from fb :) Wonderful selection of templates. Love the sneeks and I am hopping on . . . Have a great day!

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  • http://google Christy

    Just had to stop back to tell you how much fun this is!

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    We have a snow day here in Michigan…no school for this teacher….I’ve got lots of time on my hands today to PERUSE!

  • Julie

    Kiwi Lane templates-the most necessary tool in my scraproom. They’re the ones that are hanging in my work area, because they’re used the most! If only I could find a man I loved this much-LOL

    • Roselyn R Riley

      Best Comment EVER! LOL Totally cracked me up.

  • Audra Ciasullo

    How exciting! Ive never blog hopped before. I can’t wait to glean some new ideas from some super creative folks!