Flower Layout

Susan BudgeIdeas Began To Flow

For this layout, my inspiration ended coming right from the template sets themselves. I sat down to play with our Monthly Specials sets and the ideas suddenly began to flow! It never ceases to amaze me that even after seven years of working with the Designer Templates, and literally hundreds of layouts created using the Play-To-Create system, I am still inspired by them every time I sit down to scrapbook!

I wanted to keep this layout simple, and clean, but also visually striking, so that it would reflect the moment captured in the pictures. To do this I chose to create a couple of bold elements, while leaving much of the page free of embellishment.

First was the flower with the hanging petals. Instead of using one of the many floral designs in the different template sets, I decided to create a more 3-dimensional flower of my own. I made it using Tiny Shapes 4T, which I traced and cut out of my paper four or five times. Then I used some pop up tape to put it together as you can see below, giving it that 3D feel.

For the stem of the flower, I used Cedar Trails 3A.

Flower Stem / Cedar Trails

Now, when you trace out the stem, remember to use your paper efficiently!  You only need to trace out the length that you need. Since I was using it as a stem on my paper, I only really needed about ¾ of the full 12” design.

My second flower was created simply by using the floral piece from Springtime (6) and the same trails piece from the other flower.

Flower / Journaling

So Easy

I have to say, I really loved using the Joy.full Layout Kit on this project! The colors were fun, and bright, and perfect. I loved using the titles from the paper for this layout. Made it so simple!


If you are still feeling creative once you are finished with your layout, here is another idea to inspire you. I had enough paper scraps leftover to create a couple of cards. Here is a fun idea for your next card. Some of you may be familiar with it already…if not, give it a try. It is adorable on a handmade card!

This idea uses Cedar Trails  to make a bow. Here are the steps:

  1. Trace and cut out the middle section of 2A or 2B from the Cedar Trails Border set, as shown below.
  1. Flip the paper over, add a little bit of adhesive to the middle, and then fold each end over and attach to the center.
  1. Use Springtime #1 to create the trailing ends of your bow, as shown below (Remember to only trace and cut what you need). Adhere to your card.
  1. Add some adhesive between the two pieces and place your bow down on top.

Flower Layout

There is something special about watching my kids explore the outdoors and be awed by what they discover there. It makes me think that I should try harder to find joy in the simple things around me…even a frog! I’m happy that this memory was captured in photos, and even more satisfied now that it is preserved in my family album for future generations to enjoy.

Do you or your children enjoy the outdoors?

Share your favorite memories with us below! Happy Creating!

If these ideas have inspired you, remember to check out our Monthly Specials. (Tomorrow is the last day these sets are on sale) You can save 10% – 40% off Monthly Special Sets each month.

Designer Templates Used:

  • Chestnut Drive (1A,1B,3A,3B)
  • Cedar Trails (3A,3B)
  • Springtime (1,3,4,6)
  • Tiny Shapes (3T,4T,7T)

You can also pick up the Joy.full Layout Kit by going to our shop, or talking to your Kiwi Lane Instructor. We’ve put a lot of thought into our layout kits, and you will be amazed at how many ways you can use each one. The Joy.full layout kit, for example, is designed to create either a Christmas layout, or a layout for any of your favorite everyday moments, like the one shared in this article.

Visit us online at kiwilane.com or talk to your Kiwi Lane Instructor for more details.

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