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Susan’s son, Eli, used to be my buddy at the office. We would “race” each morning to see who got to the office first, he would play cars under my desk, and he was always the recipient of any treats I brought into work. Then one day, he grew up and went off to kindergarten.  Secretly, I think I was trying to recapture the youthful days of my son’s childhood (who is now a teenager) through Eli, but he sure is a fun kid! Our projects this month are more focused on boys, but since my son is “too cool” now for cars and planes, Eli was my focus for this craft project.

First, I found an old rustic piece of wood at Susan’s house and cut it to the size I wanted.

Then I played with the Designer Templates to find a layout I wanted for my project.

Next, using a pencil, I made little dots about a half inch apart around each template.

Then, using small finishing nails, I put a nail in each dot. I hammered them in leaving about a half inch sticking out of the wood.

Next, I decided on the colors of craft twine (twisted embroidery floss) that I wanted to use and tied one end to a nail. Then I started wrapping back and forth from nail to nail. I changed directions and just kept going until the coverage was as thick as I wanted. Then I wrapped the twine around the outside of all of the nails to create a solid border.

I recreated this process with each different design and, in no time, I was done!

I love how boyish this turned out to be!

It is as energetic and colorful as Eli, and a great memorial of all the fun we had before Kindergarten stole him away.

Templates Used:

Playtime (2,3,5)

Adventure (4)

What non-scrapbooking projects have you created lately?

Be sure to share them with us in the comments section!




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