Amy JusselThe story behind his name…

There is nothing cuter than puppies. They are playful and soft and cuddly! We picked up a new puppy two summers ago. My kids were obsessed with Cinderella at the time and loved the chubby little mouse, Gus Gus. To add a little character to the mouse’s name (and a tip of the hat to my favorite character from the TV show Psych) we named him Gusterson, Gus Gus for short. He’s a sweetheart and holds a special place in our hearts.

I LOVE the gear template in the Adventure Accessory set, but I wanted something softer for this layout, so I used Adventure #6 (which we affectionately refer to as ‘the Splat!’), because, well, he is a puppy. The Aspen Border sets are great for boys, but are perfect for a playful puppy as well!

Drawing inspiration from the puppy paper, I created a large fire hydrant as an embellishment. The tag #2 worked great as my base. I created the circular center by layering two circles on top of each other. The smaller layer was simply the inside of the smallest piece from the Rings Accessory set. I couldn’t find the perfect size for the outer circle, so I just used a plastic cup. The other components are made with simple strips.

All in all, I think this layout did Gus Gus proud!

It captures him in all his cute, puppy splendor. And although now he isn’t as small as he used to be, it is fun to have this moment preserved in our family’s scrapbook forever!

Do you have favorite family pets? Dogs? Cats? Hamsters? We would love to see their beautiful faces! Please share them with us below!


Kiwi Templates:

Aspen (1A,2A,2B,3A,3B) Adventure (4,6) Tags (2) Rings (1) Photos, Mini Photos, Tiny Shapes (7T)

Paper Used:

Echo Park Paper Company


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  1. Night Owl June 24, 2017 at 6:33 pm

    You all make such great layouts they really sell your products.

  2. Karen K June 22, 2017 at 6:43 am

    Adorable layout! I absolutely love when ya’ll share unique ways to use the templates like your fire hydrant. Please keep sharing!!!

  3. Pam Wesson June 21, 2017 at 10:06 pm

    Wow… I am impressed with the way you came up with the fire Hydrant …. super, super Cute!!!

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