Susan Budge

#1 – My Grandpa

This first Layout was of my Grandpa, who served in WW2. My Uncle has been sharing a lot of stories recently that my Grandpa shared with him, and I have loved reading them, and sharing them with my children. I knew that I wanted to make sure that these stories were remembered even further into the future; for my children’s, children, etc. That is why we scrapbook after all, right? So, into the scrapbook it goes!

Designer Templates Used in Layout #1:

Cascade Trails (3A, 3B)

Tiny Notations (2T)

Spook Alley (3B)

Rings (2,4)

#2 – Saying Goodbye

You Are Loved, You Are Missed, Your Are Remembered. Saying goodbye to my Father-in-Law Carl.

I made this layout using the same combination of Designer Templates as above although… I did throw template #2 from my Bracket Accessory Set. But for the most part, the sets that I used on my other layout worked great for this layout as well.

Funeral Layout


Designer Templates Used in Layout #2:

Cascade Trails (1A, 1B)

Tiny Notations (3T, 4T, 6T, 7T)

Spook Alley (3A, 3B)

Rings (2, 3)

Brackets (2)

I loved how the Tiny Notations added a simple touch to my layout. I used Tiny Notations 6T to help make some pictures stand out. I cropped them down using my Mini Photo Set.

Tiny Notations also worked well for my title and journaling.

For This Layout I Also Wanted To Widen The Trails

So instead of cutting each one separately, I laid them side by side, and only traced the outside edges of each of them, which doubled their width nicely.

I loved how these two layouts turned out, and what a great addition to my family album they’ve become, not just for us to enjoy right now, but for future generations as well.

Thank you to each and everyone of you that have served for our freedom and to all of your families.



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