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Have you ever wanted to make a cake with that “WOW” factor, but weren’t sure where to start? Piping techniques with frosting can take time to learn followed by lots of practice before you feel confident. Many cake toppers are expensive to buy, only to be discarded or never used again. If you have struggled with this, don’t worry! Paper is all you need to create a cake your party guests will never forget!

The first Designer Template set I used to create this fabulous cake topper was the Celebrate Designer Template set. I simply traced the balloons and pinwheel (Celebrate 1, 2, and 4) onto the paper that I chose for this project.celebrate balloons

Next, I inked all of my edges.

I decided to make the pinwheels with a layered 3D effect. For the back layer, I folded the first pinwheel in an accordion style. For the front layer, I folded the second pinwheel down at the corners and secured the center with a button, as you can see below.

Then I simply glued the two layers together. In the final product, you will notice that not all of the back layers of the pinwheels were folded accordion-style. I felt this added variety to the project. Feel free to play freely as you design your own cake-topper! Add your own flair!   

Once I had all of my balloons and pinwheels traced, cut, inked and assembled, I glued a wooden skewer onto the back of each one. I tied a length of ribbon around each stick where it met the bottom of the paper topper and then curled the ribbon.

Finally, I placed them into the top of the cake, cutting some of the sticks in order to create some long and some short so that I could see them all.

As you can see, paper is the perfect material to create a bright and beautiful cake-topper! And you don’t need to learn and practice any special techniques; all you need are your Designer Templates and your imagination!

Have you ever tried decorating a cake?

Have you tried using Designer Templates in the process? Share your masterpieces with us below!


Designer Templates Used:

Celebrate (1,2,4)

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