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A while back, I did a post about a 6×6 album that I created, and I had so much fun with this petite scrapbooking style, that I thought I would post another, newer project!

It was my mother-in-law’s birthday recently, and as a gift I gave her a new selection of scrapbooking pages to add to the 6×6 album that I gave her for Christmas. I asked her if she was sick of getting these album pages…did she want me to stop and give her something else instead? She responded with a resounding “NO! This is what I really want!”

Personally, I’m convinced that these adorably-sized layouts are the perfect gift for a mom/mother-in-law who already has everything she wants!

How To Convert 5.5″ Templates Into 6″ Templates

There are several ways to make your borders for a 6×6 page. You could simply cut your 12” borders in half, but the problem is that your border would be so wide that it would take up most of your page. Instead, I usually piece together my card borders. It’s a fairly simple process.

First, I will pull out a piece of 12” paper. I trace 2A, then align 2B so that the pattern will continue along, and trace it as well. Once you’ve done this, you are left with a 1” gap. To solve this, simply bring 2A back around, align it, and trace the final 1” from the end of 2A. Then, cut out the 12” piece, cut it in half, and voila! You have two 6” borders!

You can read more about this “HERE”.

Putting It All Together

To embellish this particular page, I fussy cut a few elements that I loved right from the paper: namely, the title tag and the blue flower. I used the Kiwi Lane August Customer Special sets to create the rest of my layout: Tiny Brackets, Tiny Explore, and Tiny Celebrate.

The banner from Tiny Celebrate has become one of my go-to pieces even on non-birthday layouts. It was a great way to connect elements together, fill some space and add a small amount of journaling on the side.

Sincerely (1A,1B,3A,3B) Tiny Brackets (3T) Tiny Celebrate (8T) Tiny Explore (3T,6T) Tiny Notations (5T)

I must say that I am definitely falling in love with this style of scrapbooking. It is fun, and just different enough to be exciting and fulfilling. And, let’s be honest…tiny things are just super adorable!

Have you jumped into the world of 6×6 layouts yet?

If so, share some of your creations with us below! We would love to see them. If not, what are you waiting for!? ;)

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