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There are rules to learn and follow in photography. There is the rule of thirds, posing styles, lighting styles . . . so many rules. You also have to be familiar with your equipment so you can shoot manual and control your camera. You can know these rules inside and out, but when you get behind the camera, and you have a toddler screaming or a grumpy old man who won’t listen to you, or if you are preoccupied with the possibility of snakes coming out of the grass — all the knowledge in the world goes out the window.

Habits Quote

If I can recommend one thing to improve your photography it would be to immerse yourself in it. I went to college for photography. That route is not always possible. My friend Wendy recently decided to shoot EVERY DAY for an entire year. I can’t recommend that enough! She started a facebook group and added some friends who were photographers. She posted every day and said “Be harsh, I want to learn.”

These are photographs from her first week:

It’s a critique, not criticism.

It takes thick skin to receive a critique. But you have to remember – it’s a critique, not criticism. Some days she had friends or their kids to pose for her, other days she took her kids to the park and shot them there — which is a good excuse to get a great assortment of pictures of your kids. At the end of 365 days look at how her photography has grown.

To see more of her work go to

Make it a Habit

The act of shooting every day and posting one photo every night will ingrain the skills of a photographer in you. Your knowledge becomes a set of habits. So when you have screaming toddlers you don’t have to cry and give up. You can bounce around and focus on entertaining them, and inspiring them to smile, because the skills of a photographer are a part of you now, and don’t require you to stop and think about them. The rule of thirds, the rules of lighting…well, they no longer rule you, you rule them! And that is when photography becomes a truly joyful experience!

Are you a beginner or a veteran behind the camera?

Have you seen that practice has helped to perfect your craft? Share your experience with us below!




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  1. Pam Wesson March 3, 2017 at 11:03 pm

    I have learned by “Doing”….. one thing I have learned is to never take a picture at the same height straight on of a blue eyed subject, angle the camera down a little…… this avoids the dreaded RED EYE.

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