Finally! I’m able to let the cat out of the bag and reveal the gorgeous group of ladies that will be the Term 2 Design Team at Kiwi Lane Designs. We had soooo many applications and the decisions were not an easy one, but I am confident that this group of ladies will delight in Kiwi style, just like you’re used to from the talents of the amazing ladies that are winding down their reign.

So without further adieu—please help me in welcoming the six new members of the Kiwi Lane Design Team.

• • • • •


Erin Colby

State of Residence: Hawaii

About Me: Hi all! I am a 20-something wife to my husband of 6 1/2 years. I am a proud mommy to 2 little girls who are 4 and 2. I spend most of my days cleaning up and chasing after them. Needless to say “my time” comes after they are in bed for the night and I am able to just create. I have been scrapbooking on a regular basis since 2010, but did do a few pages here and there back in high school.

What I love, or how the Designer Templates Inspire me: Every time I work with the Designer Templates I say the same thing—I love their versatility. I love that I can look at them and see ideas on how to use them for stitching, misting, or even to help make a fun frame.

How Framing has helped me with my scrapbooking: Framing has helped me because they are quick! I don’t have days or even hours in most cases to work on one project. I like the quick, easy, and pretty satisfaction I get from them.

Three things about me:

1. I love the color orange—clothing, paper, if it’s orange more than likely I will enjoy it.
2. I hate for my food to touch on my plate.The little divider plates you get for kids are pretty amazing in my book.
3. I have a collection of my favorite TV shows on DVD that I watch over and over agin.

To me, creating or creativity means: To me creating or creativity means taking the time to get all those ideas that are swirling through your mind (or off your Pinterest board) and actually make them! Whether you consider the project a success or a total failure you tried and you are getting the creative juices going. You wont succeed and get better without trying.

• • • • •


Arin Flynn

State of Residence: California

About Me: Howdy from sunny Southern California! My name is Arin and I have been an avid crafter most of my life. The tale I have been told, it all started the day I was born when I tried to take the scissors away from the doctor. Creating things that are special and pretty for my family, friends and home truly is my passion. I have been honored to be published in several mainstream crafting publications—which make me a total rock star to my 4 and 5 year-old daughters. When I am not crafting I am obsessing over having domestic organization or playing with ponies at the barn with my kiddos!

What I love, or how the Designer Templates Inspire me: What I love about the Designer Templates, is that they are extremely versatile. They mix and match amazingly well to any theme your heart can dream of. And best of all they are E-A-S-Y to use!

How Framing has helped me with my scrapbooking: Framing has saved my bacon in my scrapbooking layout skills.  For some reason I can come up with some amazing craft projects, but when I am sitting down ready to get my scrap on, the lights are on, but no one is home.  I am a total visual person and having those templates handy for placement prep truly powers on my creative brain.  I guess you can say when it comes to scrapbooking, I am powered by Kiwi Lane Designs!  :-)

Three things about me:

1. I am obsessed with having clean floors.
2. I am a total The Real Housewives of . . . junkie (I know, total vice)
3. My favorite smell is a horse barn. The combination of the smell of horses, the tack and sweet hay should be bottled!

To me, creating or creativity means: To me being creative means digging deep within your soul and finding the coolest gifts that you never knew you had.

• • • • •

Apryl Holland

Apryl Holland

State of Residence: California

About Me: I am blessed with raising a beautiful family and enjoying the hustle and bustle of all that life brings. I live in a friendly beach town in Southern California with my husband, three children Sydney, Von and brand new baby girl Kirra. Oh and I can’t forget our cute little min pin, Daisy Duke. I began scrapbooking 15 years ago and can I just say “I love it!” My paradise is escaping to my scrapbook room (the woman cave) in the attic—putting on a good movie on Netflix and crafting to my heart’s content! I also enjoy planning scrap retreats with my friend’s several times a year and the occasional Friday night crop at the local scrapbook store. Any excuse, to scrapbook, I’m there ;) I also enjoy cooking/baking, being silly with my kids, and just being me!

What I love, or how the Designer Templates Inspire me: What I love about the template process is that it is a quick and simple way to create projects without sacrificing creativity, but rather, sparking it.

How Framing has helped me with my scrapbooking: Framing has helped me with my scrapbooking by boosting my creativity when it comes to how to put papers together on the page.  The borders and shapes help with my embellishing and giving my pages just what they need when I think their missing something.

Three things about me:

  1. My favorite food is brownie sundaes.
  2. favorite color is purple.
  3. I’m a sucker for a cute pair of boots!

To me, creating or creativity means: Creating means escaping the real world, there are no boundaries and creativity is limitless with no right or wrong answers.  Being creative comes from the heart and soul.

• • • • •

Christine M

Christine Meyer

State of Residence: Illinois

About Me: Hi!  I am Christine Meyer, mom to three rowdy boys and one sweet girl.  My hubby and I have been married for 13 years and have lived in Texas, Missouri, and Oklahoma before settling in to rural Illinois.  My husband is a Pastor and we live in a house with the church and cemetary outside our doors. I love to spend my free time doing paper crafts.  I teach music part time and stay home with my kids the rest.  I have been blessed to design for several different companies and be published in Creating Keepsakes, CARDS Magazine, and Paper Crafts Magazine.  I am excited to work with Kiwi Lane Designs and can’t wait to dive into crafty creations with you!

What I love, or how the Designer Templates Inspire me There are two things that I love about the Designer Templates!  First, I love that they work with any style of scrapbooking, whether you have a vintage style or a cutesy style you can make them work for you.  Secondly, I love that they set you up for success in scrapbooking multiple pictures.

How Framing has helped me with my scrapbooking: At the end of the day, I am tired!  But that is usually when I have time to scrap.  Framing makes the first step of the process easy, allowing me to set things up quickly and beautifully every time.  Once I’ve got that base done, then I can dive in for the finishing touches.

Three things about me:

1. I grew up in Los Angeles and now live in a town with about 100 people and no zip code
2. I love navy blue and yellow and you will rarely find a project made by me that doesn’t use one of those two colors
3. Just over two years ago, I swore I wouldn’t ever get into cardmaking. I didn’t feel like I had time to add another thing into my schedule and wanted to stick to layouts. A few weeks later a couple friends challenged me to make a card using coffee filters. I created something I loved and submitted it to CARDS Magazine. It was picked up for publication! It was then that I realized that maybe I should give making cards a chance. I have come to love the freedom there is in making cards allowing me to experiment and play before I try them on a layout.

To me, creating or creativity means:  Making things with your hands that allow your brain to relax and do things you can’t in everyday life.

• • • • •


Lissa Mitchell

State of Residence: Colorado

About Me: Our family lives in Castle Rock, Colorado – we’re recent transplants from Kansas City. My husband and I have been married for 16 years, and we have twin boys, age 10. These two boys keep us busy with sports and activities galore. Our move to Colorado has been a great one. We miss our Kansas City friends and family, but adjusting to the Colorado landscape has been an exciting adventure. We love to get out each weekend to hike and explore – and the boys all love to ski in the winter. (I’m planning to learn this year!)

What I love, or how the Designer Templates Inspire me: I love patterned paper, and the Kiwi Lane designer templates let me showcase all those papers on my layouts. I used to struggle when creating layouts, trying to figure out where to place my papers and elements, never wanting to cut up my favorite patterned papers. Now I love to combine patterns and cut up those papers.

How Framing has helped me with my scrapbooking: The Kiwi Lane framing process let me plan out my whole page without “wasting” my beloved stash of patterned papers. I can place everything on my layout – every element, every strip – and get everything in place in a way that I love before cutting up my paper. I’m so happy to be using up my huge paper stash!

Three things about me:

  1. I’m addicted to Pinterest!
  2. I love my morning coffee, heavily mixed with my ever-changing favorite coffee creamer.
  3. I’m obsessed with the TV show “Storage Wars” – I watch DVR’d episodes every night before bed.

To me, creating or creativity means: Creating is an outlet for my artistic side. I love playing with pretty paper and shiny embellishments. Creating gives me a chance to relax and unwind – and to savor the moments of our life that are gone all too soon.

• • • • •

Brenda Smith

Brenda Smith

State of Residence: California

About Me: I am So Cal girl, born and raised, and have been married to a sweet Mid-Westerner for the last five years. He and I were high school sweethearts and have been together for 13 years. We have two kids: a daughter, Harper, who is 3 years old and a feisty little thing; and we have a son, Owen, who is 11 months old and is definitely all boy. I began scrapbooking when my daughter was four months old and I felt like it would be impossible to remember all the special moments in her babyhood/childhood unless I did something about it. Scrapbooking seemed like the best and most fun way to tell her (and now my son’s) story.

What I love, or how the Designer Templates Inspire me: I love being able to see my designs laid out before actually cutting into paper. Sometimes I have what I think is a great idea and then once I get all the elements into their places, I’m disappointed. With the templates, I can just interchange or move them around on the page until I am satisfied. I love that!

How Framing has helped me with my scrapbooking: Framing has changed my scrap booking by eliminating a lot of the guess-work from my designs. I used to sit and stare at my layouts and have no idea where I wanted to go next, but now I can pull from my template stash and place them on my layout in various positions until I find a design I like. It has certainly made the design process a lot quicker!

Three things about me:

  1. I usually make my layout and then decide which picture best fits. I know it’s backwards from what most do, but it seems to work best for me.
  2. I’m a nanny by profession and I can’t imagine doing anything else! I’m currently caring full time for twin 2 month old boys.
  3. On top of everything else, I am slowly but surely working on getting my Bachelors degree in Psychology. It might take me 7 years, but I’ll get there eventually!

To me, creating or creativity means: Telling a story. While I love the design process and am often one who will spend quite a bit considering how I can make something unique, it ultimately comes down to writing down the stories. I’m such a firm believer in every layout having at least some journaling because there is always more to be told than a picture can say by itself.

• • • • •

I think you’ll have to agree, after checking out their blogs (click on their names) that we are in for some amazing inspiration! You’ll see their projects popping up on the blog beginning in October, so be sure to savor every last moment of September with our current team.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Lissa September 24, 2013 at 8:07 am

    Congratulations to all! I’m honored to be working with you!

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    Happy Scrappin

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