Moments Full Of Cheer Greeting Cards

Kiwi Christmas Cards Christmas may be over however it's never too early to start thinking about next year right? Mandi Gottfredson shared her recent hand-made Kiwi Lane Christmas cards with

7 Cards Using the Splash of Sunshine Layout Kit

7 Cards Using the Splash of Sunshine Layout Kit Hi Kiwi Lane friends! Gail here today with a few cards to share with you. You probably know by now that Kiwi Lane

Let Our Templates Inspire You

IT’S A BIRD! IT’S A PLANE! IT’S...SUPER-CARD! No...Kiwi Lane has not ventured into super hero-themed designer templates yet, but just like Clark Kent can step into a phone booth and become Superman, our designer templates

Free Birthday Greeting Printable

New to Kwik Card Kits? Our Kwik Card Sheets make it easier than ever to create hand-made cards for your loved ones. Our Kwik Card Kits come with 5 sheets, and each sheet creates one

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